Table of Contents

Quick Shortcuts 11

Introduction 13

About QR Codes 17

What is a QR code? 17

Why should I scan QR codes? 19

Why should my business use QR codes? 19

How are QR codes already being used? 21

You and QR Codes 22

How do I scan and decode a QR code? 22

What happens when I scan a QR code? 23

Readers 23

How do I find the right QR code reader for my phone? 23

Can I decode QR codes on my desktop computer? 26

Making QR Codes 27

Why make a QR Code? 27

Can I make color QR codes? 27

What resolution should QR codes have? 27

Can someone make a QR code for me? 28

How can I make my own QR Codes? 28

How do I enter text into the QR code generator? 30

Can I create QR codes with my mobile phone? 30

Rules of Thumb for making QR codes 30

Firefox Extension 31

WordPress Extension 31

How do I convince someone to scan the QR code I made? 32

Where can I put QR Codes? 33

QR Code Analytics 34

Google and QR Codes 36

Google Places 36

Google Goggles 39

Mobile Web 40

Should I use the .mobi Extension? 40

Mobile Websites 41

How You Can Use QR Codes 46

The A to Z of QR Codes 50

Appendix A – Other Types of Barcodes 105

1D Barcodes 105

Create your own 1d barcodes 108

Comparative Shopping 108

Other 2D Barcodes 109

Decoding 2D Drivers License Barcodes 116

Appendix B – QR Code History and Specifications 117

Appendix C – Entering Text into QR Code Generators 122

Appendix D - Not Barcodes, but Kind of Similar 124

Location-Based Applications 124

Augmented Reality 125

Internet of Things 127

Appendix E – Academic Research 129

Index 135